Lodge Committees - 2019

Acacia Lodge #651

 2023 - 2024 Committees


Welfare & Fraternal Assistance Committee:
Mission - To hear any and all requests for assistance that might rightfully come before it and present a discreet recommendation to the Lodge for assistance. Also, to keep the Lodge informed of illnesses and help set up transportation needs. To contact the lodge brethren on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries with a phone call and/or a greeting card. Ascertain if any member needs a ride to lodge events or if they would like to see a special event or activity in lodge.

Ohio Masonic Home and Donations:
Mission - Keep members informed of the Masonic Home and oversee all contributions made to organizations.  Provide a market strategy to inform the public.

Grievance Committee:
Mission - To respond appropriately to any and all grievances that may rightfully come before it.

Funeral Committee:
Mission - To attend and perform Masonic Funeral services for our departed Brethren as requested.

Officer Advisers:
Mission - To mentor the officers in their respective stations and places and assist them in learning their duties and responsibilities.

Lodge Media & Degree Coordination Committee:
Mission - To continue the Newsletter and Web page. To assist the WM in coordinating the degree work and enhance the performance of the degrees whenever possible

Lodge Media:                                                                                   Degree Coordination:

  • W.B. James R. Cogan Sr., Chairman, 440-257-6964                      W.B. Ted A. Daly, Chairman, Degree Work 216-308-2572
  • W.B. Donald A. Ritchie, 216-731-3030                                         W.B. Christopher J. Rieger - 216-548-4005
  • Bro. David W. Kemp, 440-796-6584                                             W.B. Christopher W. Modica - 440-339-7092
                                                                                                                W.B. Tom Johnson - 216-965-8176                                                               

    Fundraiser Committee:
    Mission - To plan, coordinate and complete a fund drive project for the purpose of improving the Lodge's charitable giving.

    • W. B. Ted A. Daly, Chairman, 216-308-2572
    • W. B. Matthew Leedom, 330-281-9331
    • Bro. Rev. Richard D. Weller - 216-390-7777
    • Bro. Alex D. Trebisky - 330-510-0633

    Audit Committee:
    Mission - To periodically review the Lodge finances to insure they are in proper form and to report annually or as directed by the Worshipful Master.

    • W.B. N. Allen Paynter, Chairman, 216-381-0614
    • W.B. Christopher W. Modica, 440-339-7092
    • W.B. Ted A. Daly, 216-308-2572
    • W. M. Jeffrey H. Day, 440-449-2944

    Investigation Committee:
    Mission - To investigate any and all candidates and make recommendations consistent with the By-Laws and Grand lodge code.

    • W.M. Christopher W. Modica, 440-339-70928
    • W.M. Mark A. Novak, Chairman, 216-406-5856
    • Bro. David L. Cantrell, 586-292-8286
    • Other committee members appointed by Chairman when appropriate

    Robo Calls:
    Mission - To contact the brethren of the lodge to ascertain their concerns and if we can assist them in any way. Also, to inform them of the current lodge activity and events of interest to encourage their attendance and any transportation needs.

    • W.B. Mark A. Novak, Chairman, 216-406-5856
    • W.B. James R. Cogan, Chairman, 440-257-6964

    Budget & Finance Committee:
    Mission - Review and approve an annual Budget and provide assistance to the Treasurer if needed to insure a sound and financial future for the Lodge.

    • W.B. James R. Cogan, Chairman, 440-257-6964
    • W.B. David P. Ponsart, 216-953-1726
    • W.B. N. Allen Paynter,  216-381-0614
    • W. M. Jeffrey H. Day, 440-449-2994
    • W.M. Christopher W. Modica, 440-339-7092

    Membership Augmentation & Development:
    Mission - Develop programs identify potential candidates and establish entertaining and educational programs to explain Freemasonry to individuals.

    • W.B. Christopher W. Modica, Chairman, 440-339-7092
    • W.B. James R. Cogan, 440-257-6964
    • W.B. David P. Ponsart, 216-953-1726
    • Bro. Dan Trebiskey, 330-812-9598

    Building Committee:
    Mission - To consider alternate locations for the future home of Acacia Lodge.

    • W.B. Christopher W. Modica, Chairman, 440-339-7092
    • W.B. James R. Cogan, 440-257-6964
    • W.M. Jeffrey H. Day, 440-667-6644
    • Bro. David L. Cantrell, 586-292-8286
  • By-Laws and Grand Lodge Code Committee:
    Mission - To review all changes to the Lodges By-Laws and Resolutions when they are requested by the brethren and ensure that they comply with the Grand Lodge Code, ensure they are in the proper form and voted on by the brethren of Acacia Lodge and submitted to the Grand Lodge when appropriate.