The History of Acacia Lodge #651        1919 - Present

By James C. Matilo P.D.D.G.M.



Acacia Lodge #651 is the result of five lodges consolidating.

Silver Cord Lodge #651 received a dispensation to form a lodge on July 14, 1919 and a charter on October 16, 1919.  They met in a lodge room in the building at St. Clair and East 105th Street, above the Standard Drug Store. 

Glenville Lodge #618 was already formed (1913) and meeting there.  James Morgan a past master of Forest City Lodge #388 was its first master.  In the fall of 1923 the new Glenville Masonic Temple was completed and both lodges moved into their new home.

There were two lodge rooms in the Temple, the Blue Room for the Lodges and the Red Room for the Chapter, Glenville, R.A.M. and three eastern Star Chapters (Glenville, Friendship and Trevor).

There were store fronts alone St. Clair and a Ballroom.

In 1929 the crash came and it was hard times to keep possession of the building but they survived. 

In 1983, Ornan Lodge #652 consolidated with Silver Cord to form Silver Cord Ornan #651.  In 1985 Windermere Lodge #633 consolidated with Silver Cord Ornan.  At this time the name Acacia #651 was adopted.  Then in 1995 James B. Ruhl #731 to which Glenville Lodge #618 had consolidated became part of Acacia #651,

In 1962 Lyndhurst Temple was built and Acacia sold Glenville temple and moved to Lyndhurst Temple.  James B. Ruhl Lodge was already a tenant in Lyndhurst Temple. 

In 1999 Acacia moved to our present home at Euclid Temple an Tungsten Road, Euclid, Ohio. 

Silver Cord’s claim to fame was the building of the temple!



Glennville Lodge #618 F & AM         1913 - 1984

That the present as well as future generations may be informed as to the influences and individuals which so successfully assisted in the organization of Glenville Lodge, we herewith submit the History.

For several years previous to the organization of "Glenville," a growing necessity for a place to exemplify Masonic principles was generally discussed among Masons living in this vicinity. This agitation finally took root one evening in September, 1912, when Brother Charles F. Miles and Brother George P. Hart met, and in their discussions were soon enthused to the point that something had to be done, and proceeded with the preliminaries of organizing and calling a meeting of members of the Fraternity living in the immediate neighborhood and who were interested in the formation of a New Lodge.

The first meeting was called on Friday evening, Nov. 1st, 1912-, at Brother F. W. Rose's jewelry store, at which time petition blanks for a Dispensation were issued for signatures of interested brethren and temporary officers were selected. Wor. Bro. D. R. Davies acting as chairman and Brother Geo. E. Andres as Secretary.

Weekly meetings were held, and on January l0th, 1913, all petitions were turned in signed by 49 members of the fraternity, also consents of the other Masonic bodies in the jurisdiction, together with a recommendation from Cleveland City Lodge No. 15.

Most Worshipful Grand Master Brother E. S. Griffiths granted a Dispensation, dated January 29th, 1913, appointing Past Master Brother D. R. Davies of Cleveland City Lodge No. 15 to be the first Worshipful Master, Brother Charles F. Miles of Cleveland City Lodge No. 15 to be the first Senior Warden, and Brother E. Fred Aunger of Woodward Lodge No. 508 to be the first Junior Warden, in pursuance of which our first stated communication was held at the hall, corner St. Clair Avenue and East 105 th Street, on Friday evening Feb. 7th, 1913, when the uniform Code of By-Laws were adopted and the following officers appointed: G. P. Hart, Treasurer; George E. Andres, Secretary; C. T. Bird, Senior Deacon; W. F. Swift, Junior Deacon; T. E. Pardee, Chaplain; N. A. Reeder, Tyler; C. F. Webb, Marshall; D. P. Phillips, Senior Steward; W. S. Lee, Junior Steward and F. W. Rose, Trustee, which completed the organization of Glenville Lodge under Dispensation.

That the contention of the brethren who first saw the necessity for the organization of "Glenville" were correct, was evident when at this first stated meeting 24 petitions for degrees were placed in the hands of the Secretary.

The first special communication was called by Worshipful Master Brother D. R. Davies on Tuesday evening, February 15, 1913, with 35 of its 49 members present, at which time 11 Entered Apprentices were brought to light and initiated in due and ancient form. Brother Samuel H. Worcester having the distinction of receiving the first degree conferred in Glenville Lodge.

A report of the work which had been done since date of Dispensation, January 19, 1913, and presented to the Grand Lodge at its 104th Communication, sitting at Columbus, Ohio, on October 22nd and 23rd, 1913, showed that during the nine months under Dispensation there were 18 stated and 31 special communications called by the Worshipful Master, during which time 55 petitioners were initiated, passed and raised. Treasurer reporting all debts paid and a good balance on hand.

Glenville Lodge was complimented by the members of the Grand Lodge for their good work and fine record, and were presented with Charter No. 618 on October 13, 1913, same containing 104 names.

On Friday evening, November 7, 1913, Past Grand Master, Worshipful Brother E. S. Griffiths, acting under a proxy from Most Worshipful Grand Master Brother Charles J. Pretzman, ably assisted by Past Most Worshipful Grand Master Brother Fred E. Harmon and Right Worshipful Grand Chaplain Brother A. B. Meldrum, convened the Grand Lodge of Ohio in special emergent communication, for the purpose of dedicating and constituting "Glenville" also installing the first officers under Charter No. 618.

There were 15 Lodges represented at this meeting, and of the 104 Charter Members, 70 were present at the ceremonies.

To the members, this was a most memorable event and the splendid fraternal spirit existing, was indeed most gratifying to those who had toiled so earnestly and conscientiously for the success of our Lodge.

On Friday evening, December 5, 1913, the first Annual Meeting and election took place, and the brethren showed their appreciation and gratitude for the good work and fine record which had been made, by electing the same officers for another year, which proved to be another grand success, in which time 77 brethren were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, bringing the total membership to 190, ending with the election of Brother Charles F. Miles as Worshipful Master, who had so nobly and earnestly assisted Worshipful Brother D. R. Davies, in the great work of laying the foundation of Glenville Lodge No. 618, Free and Accepted Masons.

We can but cherish with grateful remembrance the services of Past Worshipful Brother D. R. Davies, who as our first Master proved himself a grand leader and organizer as well as worker, always giving wholesome advice, encouraging and complimenting those who assisted him. His grand personality, kindness and courteous manner, has won for him the admiration of all the members of "Glenville"

May the wisdom and good spirit which has guided us in the past continue for the years to come, that the standard set forth by our founders may never be lowered, that our members may ever be proud of their affiliations with "Glenville."

* - From the Official Souvenir “The Glenville Masonic Temple”, Printed September 15, 1923. 



Windermere Lodge, #627 F & A M           1914 - 1983

Cleveland experienced rapid growth during the early 1900's with development of suburbs east along Mayfield Road. However, before 1913, no Masonic Lodges existed east of 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

In late 1913 Right Worshipful Brother Frank S. Harmon met with eighteen interested in Master Masons to discuss the possibility of establishing a new lodge to serve the East Cleveland Masons. The brothers met on November 17 for preliminary discussion, and on November 24 a petition to the Grand Lodge of Ohio was circulated.

On December 1, the name of Windermere was suggested and adopted. There are no details about who suggested the name however, dues were fixed at this meeting at $3.00 per year and rental of quarters in Beresford Block were $60.00 per month. The fee for the three degrees was fixed at $50.00.

A letter of official approval was received from the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Chester J. Pretzman on December 19, 1913. Dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ohio was received on February 27, 1914.

These are the first officers: Chester A. Myers, Worshipful Master; A.H. Krikwood, Senior Warden; Frank E. Rard, Junior Warden; Charles A. Wendorf, Treasurer; F. B. Ayers, Secretary; E.M. Sprague, Senior Deacon; Charles F. Quiesser, Junior Deacon; W.H.C. Newington, Chaplain; F.H. Field, Tyier; J. Horace Jones, Senior Steward; John R. Moxon, Junior Steward.

Windermere Lodge, #627 was constituted and dedicated on October 11, 1914. The charter contained the names of 137 Master Masons on that date.

A fire hastened the move from Beresford Block to the Windermere Theater Building in 1916. The fire occurred while Lodge was open and the firemen moved right in to squelch the blaze.

However, the need for Masonry in East Cleveland continued to grow, and in October 1916, Pentalpha Lodge, #636 was chartered. Forest Hills Lodge, #644 followed in 1918. During these two years, Windermere Chapter, #203; RAM, #203; and Windermere Council, #113 R&SM also were chartered. The three lodged, together with the chapter and council worked long and hard, and on February 26,1928, East Cleveland Masonic Temple on Belmore Road was dedicated. East Cleveland Masonry was now firmly established in their own home.

The early years of Windermere Lodge, #627 were highlighted by rapid growth in membership. Worshipful Brother Ernie Sprague raised 94 candidates and Worshipful Brother Nate Herringshaw raised 106 candidates during one year!

Several members of Windermere Lodge, #627 were involved in local government. Charles Carran served as City Manager for forty years. Buck Weaver was Police Chief for fifteen years. Recently, Brother Les Ehrhardt served as Mayor of Lyndhurst.

Two of our brethren were honored by the Grand Bodies of Ohio. Most Worshipful Brother William R. Pringle served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio in 1949. Brother Bob (Cap) Quisser was Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Ohio in 1929.

These dedicated men, and many others, each laid up a portion of the Finished Ashlar, which makes up the structure of our beloved Lodge. They will be followed throughout the years to come by many others, dedicated, as in the past to the Glory of God and the ideals of brotherly love, relief, and in truth.



Silver Cord Lodge #651 F & A M           1919 - 1969

A meeting was held Saturday evening, May 10th, 1919, in the Club Room adjacent to Glenville Masonic Hall, southeast corner of St. Clair Avenue and East 105th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. The plans for organization of a new Lodge in this area were formulated and a name and officers were chosen. A petition for dispensation to the Grand Master of Ohio was drawn up and signed by 64 Master Masons.

On July 14, 1919, Worshipful Brother James Morgan, a Past Master of Forest City Lodge #388, F. & A.M., was chosen to be the first Worshipful Master of the new Lodge. He presented the Petition for Dispensation and consent from all lodges in the Cleveland jurisdiction, together with a recommendation by Glenville Lodge, #618 F.&A.M., to Most Worshipful Brother Isaac Kinsey, Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio. Dispensation was granted on that date.

The name Silver Cord was chosen and credit given to Most Worshipful Brother James B. Ruhl who then was Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

At the regular meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ohio held in Toledo, Ohio, on October 16th, 1919, a Charter was granted to the Lodge and the number 651 assigned. The formal consecration took place on October 28, 1919, with Most Worshipful Brother Mathew Smith, Grand Master presiding.

Brother John T. Sheer was Senior Warden and Brother James H. Parker was Junior Warden. Brother William R. Carpenter was Secretary and Brother Ralph C. McBride was Treasurer.

On September 15, 1923, the new Glenville Masonic Temple was dedicated and was occupied by Silver Cord Lodge, #651; Glenville Lodge, #618; Glenville Chapter, #197; RAM; and Glenville Chapter, Order of Eastern Star.

In 1972 W.B. Walter E. Drake was Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Ohio.

Through the years to follow, Silver Cord Lodge, #651 prospered until the depression years of the early 1930's, and then again in the war years of the 1940's. Changes in the community followed, which forces a relocation. The Glenville Masonic Temple was sold, the corporation liquidated and Silver Cord Lodge, #651 elected to be a part of the Lyndhurst Masonic Temple, 5516 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio, in December of 1962.



Ornan Lodge, #652 F & A M              1919- 1981

During 1919, Oman Lodge was organized in the Height Masonic Temple at the intersection of Mayfield and Lee Roads.

The village of Cleveland Heights was in the process of becoming a city and the Heights area was booming. Heights Lodge, the only blue lodge in the area, was experiencing rapid growth and an overcrowded schedule. Its officers encouraged a nucleus of dedicated Masons and pushed for the formation of a new Lodge. They included: Wallace M. Needham, Ira R. Disbro, Leonard S. York, Matthew H. Willing, Fredrick Beilstein, and Erwin C. Arndt. Wallace Needham prepared the original request for a dispensation on November 1, 1919 and presented it to the Grand Lodge in Cincinnati. Brother Ira Disbro persuaded Worshipful Brother Harry Wycoff Crabbs to be the first Master of the new Lodge. All worked together to promote and publicize the new venture.

Fifty-two Master Masons were present for the first formal organizational meeting on May 3, 1919. Brother Disbro called the meeting to order. Nominated temporary chairman of the group was Worshipful Brother W.M. Bogue, Past Master of Heights.

The new Lodge was named after Ornan, the Jebusite whose threshing floor originally occupied the site of King Solomon's Temple.

The charter list was closed on June 2, 1919. There were 108 signers of the Dispensation in good standing. In addition, there were 28 brothers raised during the first year when the Lodge was still under dispensation and these Masons were also considered as charter members.

Installation of officers was held on November 13, 1919. During the first year 33 meetings were held and 28 petitioners were raised to Master Mason. After the inspection in September of 1920, the Lodge received its charter dated October 20, 1920 from Most Worshipful Brother Mathew Smith, Grand Master.

Two of Ornan Lodge members were active in politics. Brother Julius M. Kovachy was a Judge. Brother Kenneth S. Nash has been both Mayor of Cleveland Heights and a Municipal Judge. Brother Ralph B. VonSuboff, U.S.N. retired, commanded the ships that participated in the Byrd Expedition to the South Pole in 1930.

In the Masonic fraternity R.W.B. Richard B. Ingham was installed as Illustrious Master of the Grand Council of Ohio.



James B. Ruhl Lodge #731 F & AM         1950 - 1995


Early in the 1930's Masons of South Euclid, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights and surrounding communities saw the need of Masonic Fellowship in this area.  Several meetings were held throughout the years, however, not until 1946 was any definite action taken.  In 1946 a strong movement was in progress toward the formation of a Lodge.  As in most growing residential areas, the inaccessibility of a suitable meeting place prevented the fulfillment of the Brothers' hopes at this time.

The movement toward a Lodge took its first tangible form in March of 1948 when the Town and Country Square Club was organized.  The Club was formed for the purpose of holding the group together in Masonic fellowship looking forward to the formation of a Lodge.  The first installed officers of the Town and Country Square Club for the year 1948 were Fred Teachout, President; Earl Rabbe, Vice President; John Kokko, Secretary; Dawson Campbell, Treasurer; and Ernest Hauschild, Correspondence Secretary.

The Club at first had a membership of 23 but rapidly grew to approximately 180 in 1949.

During a business meeting on June 6, 1949, Clarence Price, then President of the Club, appointed Brother George Mclntire and Brother Clifton Bozeman. P. M., as a Committee to inquire of the possibilities of forming a Lodge and of places available for conducting Lodge.  The Committee discussed the problem with Right Worshipful Brother LaVerne Bowers, Past District Deputy Grand Master and various Past Masters of the Golden Gate Lodge.

The report of the Committee was given at an executive meeting of the Town and Country Square Club.  After hearing the report, it was decided to call a special meeting of the Club members and all other Masons in the area.

A meeting was conducted by Clarence Price in the basement of the Lyndhurst Community Church.  Right Worshipful Brother George R. Klein, District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, discussed the problem and offered his help in the formation of a new Lodge.  It was then decided to circulate a petition and 45 of the Brothers present signed it.

The petition as presented to the Grand Lodge of Ohio contained the signatures of 118 Master Masons.

A nominating Committee was appointed by the President consisting of Brothers Russel Nelson, Ronald Waterman, Fred Teachout and Arthur Hutchings.  At a subsequent meeting the following Brothers were elected to serve the Lodge as officers during the period while under dispensation: James Pokorny, P.M., Worshipful Master- Clifton Bozeman, P.M.. Senior Warden; George Mclntire, Junior Warden; Allan Ely, Treasurer; Dawson L. Campbell. Secretary; Frederic Teachout, Senior Deacon; Ernest Hauschild, Junior Deacon; Ronald Waterman, Tyier; Edward T. Hardin, P.M., Edward Par­sons, and Robert N. Bateman, Trustees.

One of Ohio's most illustrious Masons was most Worshipful James B. Ruhl, who is well remembered for his many services to Masonry during his lifetime. It was fitting that by unanimous agreement the new Lodge should be named James B. Ruhl.

The Golden Gate Lodge of Chagrin Falls willingly offered to sponsor the James B. Ruhl Lodge, U.D.  It was then decided that until more convenient quarters were available, meetings would be held in the Golden Gate Temple.  The members of James B. Ruhl Lodge are grateful to the Golden Gate Lodge for all the help given in their great undertaking.

The first stated meeting under dispensation was held on an evening of very inclement weather yet 62 members and 143 visitors were present.  Thirty-nine different Lodges were represented at this first stated meeting.  Most Worshipful Brother William R. Pringle, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, who was introduced by Worshipful James Pokorny, gave a short history of the prayer to be used at the opening of the first meeting of the James B. Ruhl Lodge, U.D. The prayer was that of George Washington used in the opening of the Grand Lodge of Ohio twenty-five years ago by Most Worshipful Brother James B. Ruhl.

Many distinguished guests were introduced at the first meeting, among whom were Right Worshipful Brother George R. Klein, District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Right Worshipful Brother LaVerne Bowers, Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio and Right Worshipful John Barkley, Junior Deacon of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

Many valuable gifts were presented to the Lodge at its first meeting under dispensation, March 17, 1950, one of which was a beautiful Bible given by Mrs. James B. Ruhl and presented by Right Worshipful Brother George R. Klein.  A group of 206 Master Masons from various Lodges assembled in Golden Gate Lodge to assist in the opening.

Kenneth Alfred Timm was the first candidate to be Initiated as an Entered Apprentice on April 14, 1950.  Harvey Alien Sheetz was the first Fellow Craft. May 12, 1950, and Russell Raymond Fair was our first candidate to be Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, on June 23, 1950.

On September 1, 1950, our Lodge presented Rt. Wor. Brother George R. Klein and Rt. Wor. Brother LaVerne P. Bowers with Honorary memberships and also celebrated the birthday of Bro. Klein. A few weeks later an Honorary membership was presented to Most Wor. Brother Pringle.

By the first of October our Lodge had raised 22 candidates.

November 2, 1950, James B. Ruhl Lodge was given a Charter on decision by Grand Lodge after preliminary examination to a committee which appeared before that body. The Officers who went before the Grand Lodge Charter and Dispensation Committee were Bros. Cliff Bozeman, George Mclntire, Fred Teachout, John Barbre, Dawson Campbell, Roland Waterman, and James Pokorny.  The Constituting of the Lodge was well attended and the honors performed by Most Wor. Brother William R. Pringle, the then Junior Past Grand Master. The Officers of James B. Ruhl Lodge #731 were then installed by Rt. Wor. Brother George R. Klein.

Dwight Moody Charles was our first candidate to be Raised under Charter on December 29, 1950.

Ralph Osborn was given the honor of being our first Inspecting Candidate.

On September 7, 1951, we held our first Roll Call of members and also our first Grand Lodge Night. Grand Lodge was represented by Rt. Wor. Brother John Barkley. Senior Grand Deacon; Rt. Wor. Brother George R. Klein; and Rt. Wor. Brother Joseph Silbert. Brothers Barkley and Silbert were presented with Honorary Memberships.

We were honored by having the Robertson Fellow Craft Club confer the Master Mason Degree on Bro. John Kin-nard on the night of September 29, 1951. Wor. Bro. Joseph Alexander, Past Master of Charles T. Raymer Lodge, Raised Bro. Kinnard.

Throughout the years James B. Ruhl Lodge #731 experienced many enjoyable evenings of fun and fellowship. 




Any mason with knowledge of the history of the lodges that formed Acacia Lodge – please send it to James R. Cogan,